Friday, December 13, 2013


As part of Operation M-Pact, authorities have broken up an alleged methamphetamine ring in the Texarkana area. 
The investigation resulted in the dozens of arrests, as well as, the seizure of drugs, cash and weapons. 
During the course of a 2-year investigation, 50 people have been arrested.  
Dozens of them were residing in the Texarkana area.

Those being prosecuted include: 

Calvin Avery, age 41, Texarkana, TX
Darrin Betts, age 34, Texarkana, TX
Robert Clark, age 29, Diaz, AR
Marcus Floyd, age 25, Texarkana, TX
Rodrick Grimes, age 40, Coppell, TX
Keith Harris, age 44, Texarkana, TX
Danny Hill, age 33, Texarkana, TX
Abdul Hopkins, age 40, Texarkana, TX
Sonya Hopkins, age 37, Texarkana, TX
Jamaine Hunt, age 40, Texarkana, TX
Johnny Hunt, age 40, Dallas, TX
William Irby, age 43, Wynne, AR
Ashton Jackson, age 24, Texarkana, TX
Michael Jackson, age 38, Texarkana, TX
Keith Jones, age 32, Texarkana, TX
Lloyd Jones, age 29, Texarkana, TX
Santigie (Fred) Kabia, age 32, Texarkana, TX
Anthony Bryan Krebs, age 34, Texarkana, TX
Jonathan Lee, age 32, St. Louis, MO
Gary Lindsay, age 32, Texarkana, TX
Jason Martin, age 36, Texarkana, TX
Kenneth McCoy, age 43, Dallas, TX
Aaron Meeks, age 35, Texarkana, TX
Everett Moore, age 35, Texarkana, TX
Patrick O'Guinn, age 40, Ashdown, AR
Kelvin Ragland, age 34, Texarkana, TX
Robert Sanders, age 36, Texarkana, TX
Cornell Thomas, age 42, Texarkana, TX
Roderick Thurman, age 34, Texarkana, TX
Kenneth Walker, age 28, Texarkana, TX
Jeremy Wilson, age 26, Texarkana, TX
Clarence Willis, age 41, Texarkana, TX

"The investigation translates into what we hope is a significant blow in this particular evil," said U.S. Attorney John Bales, Eastern District Court of Texas.  

Bales says the suspects are responsible for trafficking and distributing more than 250 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine or ice through the I-30 corridor, to Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas and beyond. 

"We are confident and certainly we hope that these moves by law enforcement have dealt a crippling blow to the Avery organization," said Bales. 
Agents seized a total of 23 pounds of meth, 3 pounds of cocaine, a large amount of marijuana, 31 vehicles, 45 firearms and 7 properties. 
Several state, federal and local law enforcement agencies were involved in the investigation.
FBI special agent Diego Rodriguez say their combined efforts lead to the dismantlement of a destructive criminal enterprise. 

"It demonstrates law enforcement's commitment to remove the elements that pose significant social and criminal threats to our communities," said Rodriguez. 
Federal prosecutors say the investigation is a direct descendant of Operation Stateline sweep, a drug trafficking investigation that took place in Southwest Arkansas in 2011.
Bales says meth or ice is largely made by the La Familia or the Knights of Templar cartel in Mexico and was being trafficked and distributed in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee.   

"We're linked up all over the place in East Texas, all over the country really, to strike at the Mexican drug cartels," said Bales. 
The federal indictment indicates the Avery group began distributing meth throughout the area beginning in the Spring of 2007. 

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